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Hello and welcome. My name is Sebastian Dukić. I am a business IT specialist and I love software development. With more than 6 years of professional experience in the IT industry under my belt, I continue to dedicate my time in creating professional, innovative and creative solutions for my employer and my customers.

You need more information about me? No problem! Dont hesitate to reach out - I will provide you a copy of my latest CV on request.


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Developing code is not just my profession but my passion. I use newest technologies to make code come alive.


In todays complex world creative solutions are needed - Let's free our mind and talk about design thinking to solve them.


Only team work can make a dream work. Lets put our efforts together - as a team - to create content that the world will love.


Lets grow together - a shared knowledge base will profit all stakeholders and will increase future success.


Time is a big factor in todays projects. Lets explore together, how we can optimize our efforts to make the most out of everything.


Let's start this adventure together to make the most out of our work!

Java 7 +
PHP / Java Script / CSS 3 / HTML 5 / Angular / Node.js
PERL / Shell / Lua
DB Technologies / Oracle / DB2 / MySQL / MSSQL
Hardware Hacking / IoT
Atlassian Products

My Experience

Swisscom Schweiz AG 2019 - now

Assigned as an atlassian plugin software product developer for JIRA, CONFLUENCE and BAMBOO. Developed software components in Java with the spring framework to integrate atlassian JIRA with BMC Remedy and Service NOW. Development of REST APIs for JIRA and CONFLUENCE. Code analytics and performance optimizations using SonarQube.

IBM Client Innovation Center 2016 - 2019

Assigned as Consultant to an IBM customer project. Discovery and Masking of sensitive data in heterogeneous database systems using IBM info Sphere Discovery, Information Analyzer and Optim. Complexity calculations and database maintenance. Process flow maintenance. Development of LUA masking procedures and JAVA server applications for enhanced DB connectivity.

IBM Switzerland Inc. 2014 - 2016

Development of the “Login Environment” CORE access and authorization system used for access to UNIX server in PHP, Java Script, Perl Development of the “Login Environment” Server Software system in JAVA as distributed module for the core application. Modelling of the MySQL database scheme and development of Perl script applications used for UNIX crontab. Support for internal clients and planning of new features. Organizational tasks and manager support.

ci Kommunikation 2013 - 2014

Development of an OOP PHP framework for the fast development of webpages Development of Java Scripts to meet customer expectations Management of web projects and customer contact. Coordination with the design department. Intense usage of Wordpress and Drupal. Development of reusable modules. Modelling of relational databases like MySQL, PostGreSQL etc.

Interbrain 2012 - 2013

Development of .NET C# application modules for the Interbrain “Perfect” access system software. Development of the “Perfect Picture” software module in C# on Microsoft IIS Reprogramming parts from Microsoft Visual FoxPro into the C# OOP application core. Bug tracking and removal of bugs in the final application. Direct support delivery for certain beta testing customers

Migros and Subway 2010 - 2012

Preparation and sale of food and signature products. Planning of daily business and working per HACCP standards

Gutor LLC by Schneider Electric March 2011

Data organization using SAP and Microsoft Excel Planning and ordering hardware for UPS systems and surveillance of stock.

My Education

Various Institutes 2016 - today
Online Education & Local Courses

IBM academy, Acclaim and others

ZHAW - Zurich university of applied science 2013 - 2017

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences located in the city of Winterthur, with facilities in Zurich and Wädenswil, is one of the largest University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland and is part of the University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) Zurich University of Applied Sciences. Currently, the university has eight schools, covering architecture and civil engineering, health, linguistics, life sciences and facility management, applied psychology, social work, engineering and management and law. The ZHAW School of Management and Law obtained AACSB accreditation in 2015.

Kanti Baden 2013 - 2017

The Kantonsschule Baden, also called "Kanti Baden", is a cantonal school on the outskirts of Baden. It offers three educational programs: the Gymnasium, the Wirtschaftsmittelschule and the Informatikmittelschule. The school is housed in ten modern buildings, the first five are by the architect Fritz Haller. It was the first Swiss school to receive the MINT-friendly school seal of quality in 2013, followed by a new assessment in 2016 and 2019. The German Association for the Advancement of Mathematics and Science Education found the teachers and the infrastructure, the science funding programs for the gifted and the teaching content the Kanti Baden as particularly suitable.


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Smart FM: Paper Dispenser

Smart facility management is a big thing. As a student at ZHAW I was able to participate in a group project, which aimed at finding out whether facility management can be made smart using current IoT sensors. We started with a paper dispenser and created a digital twin. We then tested a laser barrier on the original product and presented our results to the management board of ISS Switzerland. The result? Promising. But we can talk about this, if you are interested.

Bachelors Thesis: Pollution Analytics using IoT

Various environmental regulations, such as the Air Pollution Ordinance in Switzerland, require collection, reporting and partly checking the details of pollutants (for example SO2, CH4, PM10) of industrial companies. Other pollutants which are released in water and soil need to be publicly published in the Pollutant Register SwissPRTR. This Bachelors Thesis analyzed the use of IoT sensors and automatic publishing of pollutant information to SwissPRTR.

Copyright: This Picture belongs to Atlassian

Atlassian: Plugins for Atlassian Products

Yes, if you use Atlassian products you are a winner! Designing plugins for Atlassian products has been a big task for me since I started working at Swisscom. Luckily I gained a lot of knowledge in using the Atlassian SDK. The smart ecosystem of Atlassian's SDK allows us, the SW devs, to build and deploy amazing code as fast as you can say issue.

Travel: Laos

Travelling in Laos is not easy - the roads between the cities and villages are mostly non paved and require good driving skills - but it's absolutely worth it. The country which is not as touristy as Cambodia or Thailand has a lot ot offer. Buddhist temples, untouched nature and super friendly people. This picture was taken from a Cafe in Vang Vieng.

Do you speak ... ?

Java, .Net C#, JS (including Node), VBA, PHP, Perl & LUA. We can also use HTML and CSS to beautify our communication. And if we need to save something, I can use one of those: MySQL (including Maria), MsSQL, Oracle, DB2 and CouchDB. As a base I recommend any UNIX system (like Solaris, Linux or AIX). Windows Server works too but ... it's not really my fav. choice 😅

Travel: Cambodia

When travelling in south east asia a stop in Sieam Reap is a must on every travellers agenda. This city is built next to one of the worlds seven wonders: Angkor Wat. It is the largest religious monument in the world and is surrounded by a special and mystic atmosphere.

Travel: Georgia

Georgia - this caucasian country located as the locas say "between the West and the East" is home to breathtaking views. The wonderfully diverse landscape varies from desert like terrain to high mountains in Swanetia with crystal blue rivers forming stunning canyons. The georgian cuisine is one of the most delicious I have ever tried. Chatchapuri with some Shashliki, simply a dream come true.

Travel: Ukraine

Mother Ukraine is protecting the country from invaders. This huge statue is located in the capital city of the country, Kiew. A perfect nightlife, a good cuisine and wonderful people make this slavic country a hidden gem. Hanging out at the huge Dnipro river is both fascinating and fun.

Travel: Japan

I have to admit, I only stayed in the city of Fukuoka for a few days, but luckily I had the chance to explore this country for a few days. This Shinto shrine in Fukuoka is surrounded by a carefully built park. The japanese culture is, when it comes to building beautiful buildings and places, simply amazing.

Travel: Korea

Welcome to one of the most modern countries in the world! The capital of Korea, Seoul is home to almost 20 million people and the best BBQ in the world. Luckily I was able to attend a summer school course in SKK university and had the chance to meet wonderful people and make very good friends. Korea is one of my favourite travel destinations. I try to visit it every year at least once.

Travel: Spain

The mediterranean is one of my favourite travel regions. A perfect climate, wonderful cuisine and warm people. Spain is perfect for sun-hungry travellers who also want to experience a rich and old culture. This picture was taken in "Park Guel", Barcelona.

Travel: Italy

Tuscany; home to wonderful food, wonderful culture and wonderful wine. What else can one want from life? Travelling in this beautiful region is like living the perfect life. Every small village has its own flag, its own story to tell.

Travel: Germany

I have visited Germany many times. For business and pleasure. Berlin, the alternative city with a crazy techno party scene, Magdebrug, Munich and Frankfurt. This picture shows the EZB, the central bank of the European Union. A strong symbol of the economic wellfare generated by the Euro.

Travel: Belgium

The country of chocolate and waffles. Fries and the heart of the european union. Welcome to Belgium, welcome to Brussels. I had a lot of fun in this small but absolutely amazing country.

Travel: United States

I had the chance to study English at the UCSD in 2009, in San Diego. What a beautiful city. This picture was taken in the Central Station, New York - where I stayed a few days with my friends 5 years after my first visit.

Travel: Croatia

My heart and my roots are in this beautiful country. I have travelled the whole country. My favourite city is Zagreb, followed by Dubrovnik, where this picture was taken. I always encourage people to travel Croatia - there is so much to see and to do. Experience Croatia, because its full of life.

Travel: The Netherlands

I spent a few days in the country that is, at least partly, below the sea level. Amsterdam spreads a very unique atmosphere of party and business. Its awesome to strawl around the cities, see the fields of tulips and the "grachte" that form this country.

Travel: Hong Kong

I spent a few days in Hongkong and took small trips to all the attractions the city has to offer. It is amazing how many people can live in such a small area. Nevertheless the pub scene is great and the possibilities here are endless.

Travel: The UK

London, Europes biggest city is almost a country for itself. London is the Business Center of this amazing country and has so much to offer. The pub and party scene is just out of space. I really hope that I will be able to visit Scotland one day too.

Travel: France

Wonder if there is a filter on this picture? No there's not! The ocean in France is really this blue, and that is why it's called the "azure" coast. Marseille is a wonderful city and the people are amazing. You will never miss out on any action here.

It's all about design

Design is crucial to any success and good Design is very important to me. Good Design can be applied to a SW architecture, a process, the look and feel of a GUI, a project and to Thinking.

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